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[ profile] slantedtruth has provided a link to the work of her aunt, photographer Ruth Kaplan: mysterious, elegant images of bathers, including one from Budapest. [ profile] slantedtruth said she thought that I'd love them, and it's true. I do.
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Some of you have a lot of lived experience with the various physical and social pressures and joys around being fat and traveling alone. Others have none, but, with a focus on practical stuff and logistics, here's how it went for me on my recent trip to Budapest. )
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Here's a Budapest web cam, courtesy of [ profile] clever_doberman.

I could be wrong, but I think that this bridge is the one very near where I'll be staying.

Hello in Hungarian in the subject line for this post, courtesy of [ profile] oneroom.

I'm going!

Jan. 31st, 2007 08:56 am
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I found a $600 ticket from JFK -- thanks especially to [ profile] anarqueso and [ profile] hhholiday for their great leads about where to look for good prices -- and

And to [ profile] charlottecooper, my favorite travel writer, for sure, for her delicious articles about Budapest -- I'm dreaming of those baths. And about learning more about Jonathan Edwards from an international perspective.

A donor pledged a gift of $100 towards the trip in support of my work. And yesterday I got asked to do a paid speaking gig on fat liberation for a class at Mt. Holyoke in February. That's a start at covering the costs (between about $1,300 and $1,500 altogether, I think). The expense scares me a little, but I'm going.

The presenters are all men and academics (lots of specialists in church history), but I offered to send a one page sample of the novel (the one that's up on my website), if they're interested. One of the organizers on the Hungarian side replied that he'd forwarded my query about that to the central organizer in the US, who is at the University of Roanoke. I'd love to give a reading from the work while I'm there. But, really, I'm just delighted to be going. Whew.

PS When it gets closer to May, I'll be asking for advice to be sure that I understand how to take the train from Penn Station to JFK -- I've never flown out of New York City before.


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