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Although it has been cold and raining for a very solid week, I have the following trike news to report:

  1. A friend is making a special trip over here at 9:15 am on Saturday from three towns over, so that she can take the trike out for a ten minute spin. I let her sit on it, locked to a post at night in the rainy dark, and it was that exciting.

  2. A woman who was walking down the bike path talking on her cell phone today, started calling urgently after me when I passed her. When I stopped, she ran to me. Turns out the she never learned to ride a bike, but is raising her grandson, who just turned 4 and has his first bike, and she's been thinking of getting a trike to keep up with him. At her request, I let her give it a very brief try.

  3. Also, I have seen the following writers on their bikes while out on my trike. (No stopping and chatting, just a rolling wave). In the order in which I encountered them:

    • Andrea Hairston who has a science fiction novel, Mindscape, due out from Aqueductpress in February.

    • Jerry Epstein, editor and economist.

    • Kelly Link, who wrote the strange and wonderful short story collection, Magic for Beginners.

    • In other news:

      1. Only three more days until my birthday. It's Monday. What oh what will it be like to be forty-five?

      2. I won't be joining the ghost of Katherine Anne Porter at the Yaddo mansion. Didn't get in.

      3. Lambda Literary Foundation has a new director in Charles Flowers, and evolving plans (check the link if you'd like to know more.

the first

May. 6th, 2004 09:01 am
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The reading touched me in ways that are hard to describe.

It was so great to be coming down the sidewalk to the store, limping more than usual because I’d just sat on a bench and changed into my flimsy little slippers, and see [ profile] bearsir coming up the sidewalk, looking resplendent, tie and all. [ profile] bearsir had a bag of mysterious eggs for [ profile] beatgoddess and ze had been recently discussed at the store, we heard from Mark of Pride&Joy. We don’t know why. I bought a copy of Pinned Down By Pronouns, in which I know that [ profile] bearsir has at least one beautiful, moving poem.

[ profile] beatgoddess was there, of course – having drummed up maybe half the crowd, full of intensely engaged presence, nodded when I spoke about the importance of reflecting fat people as full sexual beings, made an announcement about the Flaunt It fat organizing that’s going on in the Valley right now, was one of the faces I liked looking at during the reading, is going to bring me some zines, bought all my books, two of Venus of Chalk,and a copy of The Boy Who Cried Fabulous by Lesléa Newman. Wow.

other ljers I know were there [ profile] papabearyg and [ profile] somechicksings -- lovely, lovely faces to see. Dang, I’m wanting to try to list everyone who came – about thirty people, Mark said – can’t do it, but the fabulous Kelly Link and Gavin Grant of Small Beer Press and great books and all told me to wear comfortable shoes to the BEA in Chicago – they are so cool and nice. Janet Aalfs, Northampton’s Poet Laureate, head sensei at Valley Women’s Martial Arts, and my old friend was there, and so was CJ, who helped us do a body painting banner for the Speak-Out Against Fat Hatred years back. The amazing P, the bus driver who donated some of his good qualities to the character of Tucker in the book – Tucker contains strong elements of other folks, too, and some difficult characteristics that don’t come from anybody I know, but were important to the character and the story. My downstairs neighbors. And all.

My beloved looked around and said, “Hey, pretty young crowd.” I said, “Yeah, it’s because of lj.” (I might have said, “because of [ profile] beatgoddess.”) Sally Bellerose, fabulous novelist and champion critiquer who is going to get her own post sometime soon because I’ve been SO itching to sing praises of her and her work, said “LJ? As opposed to LBJ?”

It was that kind of mix – the sixties were there, too.

Reading itself is so emotional for me. It’s vulnerable and a deep, deep pleasure; a contact in tender places, polished by language to surfaces that are okay to touch. I chose intense work – the prologue and the first chapter – and I could feel folks responding, moved, maybe a little scared at some points; surely, truly there. I love books so much I could burst. I love getting to offer this one. Oh, I wish you could have seen the gorgeous array of faces – some of you did, some of you were among them, along with the beautiful flowers that my parents thought to send from Texas, with that simple and huge gift of a card:

Congratulations on Venus of Chalk. Love, Mom and Dad.

So, a good start. Got to hustle to get ready for going to New Orleans tomorrrow, but wanted to say how it went. And hey, don’t miss the Fat Girl Flea in NYC this weekend! [ profile] bounce_n_jiggle says they’ve gotten great coverage in Timout New York!!!! (E., who was there last night and very sweetly introduced herself, is bringing clothes from Northampton! )
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Okay, it was supposed to be Wednesday and turned out to be Saturday, but now it's over!!! I'm done!!!! Falling off a fiscal cliff so steep that I may not even notice as the book comes out next week, and reading at Pride&Joy and then New Orleans! And then NYC! I have a mountain of dirty clothes so big that I have to burrow to find shoes, dishes are piled in the sink, and I've been tripping over stuff on the floor. I think I know what I'm reading, but need to spend time with it, and time it and what about the panel and is that place to stay that I booked months ago over the internet really going to be there and how do I get to the French Quarter from the airport. Have to go to the dentist Monday, oh, and I haven't even let a bunch of folks know about the Wednesday reading. BUT.

Wheeeeeeee. Whee.

I went to a great reading tonight at the new place for the Space Crime Continuum -- they have a lovely, cool basement for readings, and served delicious lemonade and cheese cubes and stuff -- love that. It's so cordial. It was Karen Joy Fowler reading from her new book, The Jane Austen Book Club, and I really loved what she read. There's nothing more delicious than smart, sensual, magical, emotionally adventurous fiction. I bought it in hardback (!!!), and throwing caution to the wind Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet edited by the fabulous Gavin Grant and Kelly Link, who were there and said they're coming to my reading on Wednesday. Yayyyyy! I really like them and their work and the stuff they publish a lot, and they live in my town. Lucky. Karen took the copy of Venus of Chalk that I brought for Kelly, which makes me excited. I don't want to get too rollercoaster about these days, though -- I want to try to do it like walking and breathing and other regular activities, so I don't neglect the roots and bones and structures of my life or get silly about things.

Speaking of walking, I better start stretching every day if I expect the arthritis to cooperate with the barnstorming tour and all.

You all were so great and forthcoming with the kindness earlier this week. It helped, for sure. Thank you.


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