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The story leaps. I wrestle. It breaks my thigh with a whip of its tail.

The story moves like scripture, like words in a body,
pulsing against its own hardened secretions.

The story is made of mud. Everything slops out of the bucket.

The pool is in the story. It is cool and strangely deep. People climb out of it, most of them, talking excitedly.
I'm at the shallow end, still able to wade with the snakes.


Mar. 2nd, 2005 09:34 am
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There's a great new NOLOSE web site...

And they're taking registrations for the conference in July...

I'm excited about the programming!

Here's a description of the featured performer: Dynamic Boston area performance artist Gabrie'l J Atchison fuses visionary choreography with personal narrative and the healing arts. Her work is transformative, powerful, and deeply moving. Don't miss her!

The keynote speaker is the ever fabulous [ profile] charlottecooper! That is just too, too great. You probably already know that Charlotte is smart, rowdy, funny, independent-minded, sharp, incisive. Her work has qualities of courage and willingness to express fears, vulnerabilities and embarrassment. And, I don't know, but this might be the first time she's been a featured speaker at a conference in the US -- she lives in the UK. Exciting stuff. I hadn't been planning to go to Nolose this year, but that's a really hard choice to make when there's a rare opportunity to hear Charlotte.

And she's also a wearer of swim caps who has just posted a bunch of fine writing about pools. Riches! Check it out.
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In a really nice bit of serendipity (because of the great plug in Diva, see last post!), the website at Firebrand is up as of today, if so moved, you can

Pre-Order Venus of Chalk


Can you see the cover? I really love it. And it looks like if you order early, books will be available in March -- months in advance of the May publication date! Whoohoo!!! I think that some decisions about the print run are resting on preorders, now's a great time to do order if you'd like to help the book along.


In other news, I talked with Kate Stephen the other night, who's making a video about norms of beauty (hope I'm getting that right) as part of completing her work at Hampshire College, and not only did we have a really good conversation, she told me that there was a fat swim at the college every Tuesday night last semester, and maybe I can go if it starts up again. And that she's going to try to get the Women's Center there to book me for a reading. Did I already say yay!


Nov. 10th, 2003 09:07 am
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SisterSpit Northampton was last night. There's something about folks putting the work in to pull people together to listen to music, listen to poetry and fiction, be willing to respond, to be moved or scared or bored or changed or entertained or all of the above right there live in a roomful of others, hearing each other's responses, mingling breath, touching or not, drinking or not, mmm, it moves me a lot.

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