Jun. 5th, 2006 10:11 am
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Info about the Saturday cabaret at the femme conference in August is now up on the website. Friday night is up, too. Kind of makes my heart pound.

Bonus: I hadn't been able to figure out how to shrink that trike photo small enough to be an icon, but I think this might do it.
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Have I mentioned that I’m going to be reading in the Saturday night cabaret at the Femme Conference in San Francisco in August?

I love this from Esther Newton, whose work I’ve only just now heard of. The essay, "My Butch Career," ended in a way that utterly thrilled me, but this quote is from midway through. And to “the better butches look” below, I’d add “the better anybody looks,” in the urgent desire for all of us to take the risk of being seen to pulse and shine :

Yet I am hostile to representations of queerness as antithetical to all order, to all categories, to queerness pressed into the service of romantic individualism. )


Mar. 11th, 2005 09:27 am
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So off to San Francisco -- frantic at the moment, but really looking forward to seeing [ profile] amarama and [ profile] fattest, maybe [ profile] everythingbagel and meeting [ profile] anarqueso, [ profile] gordonzola, [ profile] charliegrrrl,[ profile] nishgyrl, maybe [ profile] plee, [ profile] felicks maybe seeing [ profile] firecat and [ profile] wild_irises, maybe [ profile] whumpdotcom at the reading tomorrow, and all, all, all. I am SO looking forward to the readings and the party on Sunday -- [ profile] amarama and [ profile] gordonzola are unbelievably generous to pull it together and all. I can't wait to see my other friends -- can not wait. (Hugs in person soon to beloved lurkers.) Just have to get past tonight's snow.

My internet access will be limited while I'm gone -- and the email address listed on my lj user page is probably the most likely to reach me.

Exposition. Complication. Climax. Denouement. So many stories.
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Wowsa. [ profile] charliegrrrl surely does go all out when promoting an event. I just ran across the following on the internet (on The Laughing Squid, for those West Coast folks who might be familiar with it), and, I've got to admit, I've never seen anyone go -- or even publicly or privately claim to go -- to quite such extremes to get people to a reading. Makes me all the more eager to read Choir Boy by Charlie Anders, [ profile] charliegrrrl's new book.

You bet I'm rising to the occasion on Saturday!

Scifi/Horror event promo: read if you dare. Not for the squeamish. )
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Saturday, March 12, 7:30-9:30pm
Writers with Drinks
I'm reading with Everard Strong (Tall magazine), Greg Dicum (Harper's, Window Seat), Jess Ardnt (Bottoms Up, On Our Backs), Ray Ferrer (Q comedy), and Lisa Ortiz (Poesy, Split Verse.)
[ profile] charliegrrrl mcs and vamps.
The Make Out Room--3225 22nd St, San Francisco
More info...

It's called a spoken word variety show, and that's variety. To add to the challenge, I'm also my house at 4 am on the morning of this one to fly in and am planning to wear my new strapless bra in public for the first time. It's a pretty big leap from my quiet life dragging a little cart up and down Elm street in Northampton. How ever, gentle readers, will it all turn out?

The next two are just me and Venus of Chalk, and I bet they will be that gorgeous exchange of live presence and words that I love like the faces of those closest to me -- always more to see there. Just heard that an old, dear friend from high school (who my first book, Fat Girl Dances with Rocks is dedicated to, actually, may show up at one). :

Tuesday, March 15, 7pm
Laurel Bookstore--4100 MacArthur Ave, Oakland

Thursday, March 17, 7pm
A Different Light Bookstore--489 Castro St, San Francisco

Come! Bring a friend! Any help spreading the word would be much appreciated...


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